Group building project

Customer name is undisclosed and can be obtained upon request

Project scope

Customer wanted to use the power of the social media by creating a Group that would enhance both its image in the Energy sector and its ability to interface with the major industry players.


Alena Systems experts built with the Customer’s management team a tailored B2B Social Media plan matching their requirements and goals. The plan was based on a new LinkedIn Group.


During this phase, Alena Systems sent specific invitations to the target audience defined in the Social Media Plan. The result was a sudden exponential acceleration in the number of members joining the group.

The new Group:

  • Reached 14,000+ members in 14 months
  • Grew by 2,000 members per month during peak periods
  • Averaged an acceptance rate of 22% for invitations to the Group


The new LinkedIn Group brought the following benefits to Customer:

  • Identify and contact prospects
  • Demonstrate expertise
  • Organize free webinars & events
  • Drive traffic to websites
  • Distribute free software

Customer would not have enjoyed these benefits without a well-designed B2B Social Media plan. The rapid growth in the Group to over 14,000 members represented a tremendous return on investment.