Online community project

Customer name is undisclosed and can be obtained upon request

Project scope

Customer wanted to create a Linkedin® Group operating in both English and French and able to interconnect IT people in France and the UK. This “Think Tank” would allow members to discuss topics specific to their jobs, the future of this industry, and to access relevant news and contacts.



Alena Systems experts built a tailored B2B Social Media plan matching the requirements and goals of the Customer. Part of this plan was to create a LinkedIn® Group and two subgroups.


During this phase, Alena Systems sent personalized invitations to a target audience defined in the Social Media Plan. This campaign not only resulted in the addition of 1,800 members to the Group within a single month, but it also made the Group the largest European Information Technologies Group on LinkedIn®.


To ensure the Group remains a place of good standing and keeps its focus on IT topics only, Alena Systems helped Customer by providing a moderation service.


The LinkedIn Group is now the largest European Information Technologies Linkedin® Group, permanently energized, maintained in good standing and therefore becoming a reference in IT Think Tank.

Members can find strategic information and contacts through the Group and are part of the IT evolution by sharing their views and ideas. For our customer, the Group is a place to learn more about market trends and needs, to improve the Customer's message to clients, to improve its image on the marketplace, and to get in touch with potential users of its services.

These results could not have been achieved without Alena Systems B2B Social Media expertise.