Recruiting project

Customer name is undisclosed and can be obtained upon request

Project scope

The requirement was to recruit a sales director, a finance director, a senior engineer, and a junior engineer for the New-York branch of a major company in the luxury packaging industry headquartered in Paris, France.


  • Alena Systems used ProfileFinder™ processes and tools to identify candidates on LinkedIn®
  • We set up a web-based application to be used by candidates to access the job descriptions, post their profiles, introductory letters and resumes, and communicate with us and with Customer
  • We conducted pre-screening interviews
  • Our customer was granted online access to the database of candidates and to real-time status on the progress of the recruitment campaign.


Searched profiles were hard to find because luxury packaging is a narrow niche market. Eventually we had to broaden our target to people willing to relocate in New-York.


We selected a total of 39 high-quality profiles and one of them has been hired as Sales Director. The three other positions have been filled internally by Customer.