Jean-Marie Slove


Jean-Marie Slove founded Alena Systems LLC in 2002 after spending 18 years in IT and Telecom. Alena Systems has carried out many successful business development projects, both for overseas companies starting their business in the US and for US companies. His company later expanded its portfolio of services to include Business web-based systems (CRM, CMS, Voice), and it is now more specifically focused on Social Media.

Jean-Marie Slove is a strong advocate of innovative business paradigms made possible by many new and easy-to-access instruments -- such as social media, open-source software, crowdsourcing -- that are enabling companies to profoundly reshape the way they do sales, marketing, recruiting, outsourcing, brand awareness, and more.

Jean-Marie Slove has been a pioneer in the new telecom era. As a Director with Sligos (now Atos-Origin) in France, he was a responsible for 3 major France Telecom IT projects while the company was starting the then-new GSM cell phone service, which is now ubiquitous around the world. Later, Jean-Marie Slove successfully developed global IP business for UUNET (the first commercial Internet service provider ) and WorldCom, through various marketing initiatives. Jean-Marie is a graduate of ESME in France, a well-recognized engineering school focused on electronics and computer science (equivalent to Master degree in the US). He was awarded a Quality Assurance Certification by Crosby Total Quality Management College.

Jean-Charles Jaffray

Director of Architecture

Jean-Charles Jaffray  has been working in the IT industry for more than 20 years in US, Europe and Canada. He has gained extensive experience in Data Management and Database fields. He works currently as Technical Director and Data Architect at client site.

Jean-Charles Jaffray managed various projects in the fields of Data Security, Data Analysis, Private Cloud and Banking. He received multiple corporate awards for “Excellence and Achievement” from Corning NY, Citibank VA, American Chemical Society DC and SRA International Virginia. Jean-Charles Jaffray is fluent in French, English and Persian.

Christophe Poyac

Vice-President, Business Operations

Christophe Poyac has 15 years experience in Sales and Operations in the Supply Chain and Logistics industry. Prior to Alena Systems, Christophe built up his expertise in Sales Development and Business Unit Management: He successfully managed a Business Profit Center specialized in transport and logistic services located in the United Kingdom. He also sold solutions in Supply Chain Management, Logistic and Packaging for domestic and global markets in France. Christophe holds a Masters in International Trade & Business Development from University of Saint-Lô.

Suzanne Clarke

Vice-President, Europe

Suzanne Clarke began her career in Information and Communication Technologies as a Sales Executive in software, telecom/Internet technologies, and application hosting services (company acquired by Atos Origin in 1994). Nearly 10 years of successful B2B sales experience led Suzanne to international management positions in Business Development within large ICT multinational enterprises--UUNET, MCI, and Verizon Business. Her objective was to set up and manage reseller channels, and to define and launch strategic alliance initiatives. Her work has always been centered on sales and marketing strategies in selling complex solutions to major accounts. Suzanne brings rich experience to Alena Systems in operational sales, building partnerships and sales channels, consulting and account management. Suzanne holds a B.A. from the University of Illinios, Chicago.

Eugene Nkomba

Scrum Master

Eugene Nkomba, PMP, ACP, ITIL is an Agile Coach and a Project Manager. In career of over 20 years, he has been a tester, developer, development manager, and project manager in banking and financial services, telecommunications, insurance, software services, and the owner of a software consulting company. He has achieved consistent and remarkable results in execution and completion of IT solutions projects and managing client relationship by prioritizing customer satisfaction.

Eugene Nkomba has successfully administered a number of projects carrying out detailed budget analysis, performance and project reviews, and productive resource allocation. Furthermore, he has a substantial experience of working with technical teams correlating SOA environment. In essence, I have achieved great results in leading project teams through all stages of typical project lifecycle well within the deadlines and I have been given awards.