Leveraging online business social networks to quickly bring in a well-qualified audience to your business events

Whether you have a conference targeted to a specialized audience or a webinar targeted to a broader audience, business social networks is the place to find professional attendees.

Benefits of AudienceFinder™

  • By inviting the exact right attendee profiles among millions of professionals who are members of business social networks, AudienceFinder reaches the appropriate audience for all kind of events much faster than any other means.
  • Thanks to a high conversion rate, campaigns are quick and inexpensive.
  • The service works for any kind of event such as seminars, webinars, and conferences.

Service description

  • An AudienceFinder campaign provides carefully targeted profiles that match criteria defined with the event organizer.
  • AudienceFinder campaigns are tailored to the event in terms of audience and size.
  • Average AudienceFinder campaigns last less than a month and can be conducted using LinkedIn, Viadeo and Xing.
  • Deliverable is actual signups of attendees on event landing page.