Online Community Builder

Leveraging social networks to carry out business tasks in a new way

The emergence of online social networks profoundly changed the way people communicate in the last five years. Businesses should not underestimate the power of business social networks such as LinkedIn and Viadeo to carry out long-established business tasks in a different way.

Communities bring together professionals with a common interest such as industry, location, function, or an organization when the community is branded. When a community becomes mature, sizable, filled with high-quality members , energized and well-managed, then trust and relationship build up between members, and the community soon becomes an unparalleled source of information and quality contacts.

Benefits of business communities

For branded and non-branded communities

  • Build relationships with quality people
  • Generate business intelligence
  • Show expertise
  • Generate leads by building relationships

Additional benefits for branded communities

  • Develop end-user loyalty
  • Improve product offerings
  • Sharing of end-user’s experience
  • Improve brand image

Challenges to community success

In order to quickly get all these benefits, the community must:

  • Have the appropriate audience
  • Present vibrant and quality content
  • Be visible

Our online community builder modules help Customer meet such challenges.


Online Community Builder is a set of services that covers the whole life cycle of a business social media project.

Community building overview

Community building overview


Define goals and plan your Social Media Plan


Learn how to energize your business online community


Build and grow large communities of highly targeted professionals


Maximize the quality and value of your community


Bring in your members to your own online community