Leveraging business social networks to quickly track down qualified candidates

As opposed to traditional online recruiting tools such as job boards or corporate websites, business social networks such as LinkedIn provide access to millions of profiles, many of them non-active job seekers. In addition, most profiles include detailed credentials and references as well as a very instructive list of connections.

Benefits of ProfileFinder™

  • The membership of business social networks is filled with employed professionals with no intent or time to search for another job but open to new opportunities, and ProfileFinder reaches out to all these non-active job seekers.
  • Furthermore, ProfileFinder is ideally-suited for challenging searches with demanding criteria, delivers matching profiles much faster than any other means, and is priced relatively inexpensively and based on performance.

Service description

  • A ProfileFinder campaign provides recruiter with at least 10 precisely targeted profiles that accurately match the job description.
  • A campaign lasts only one month on average and can be conducted using LinkedIn, Viadeo and Xing.
  • Deliverable is reviewed cover letters and resumes of actual applicants.